Foundation for Self Leadership

Mount-Hike Campaign

Ray Mount, PhD, will attempt to complete the full 2,200-mile Appalachian trail, from GA to ME, in around SIX months.

He has proposed FIVE milestones:

  1. Taming Doubts - Mile 275 - Hot Springs, NC
  2. Halfway Confidence - Mile 1,023 - Harpers Ferry, WV
  3. Grandchildren & Self - Mile 1,400 - Bear mountain, NY
  4. Altitude Parts - Mile 1,885 - The Great Whites & Mount Washington
  5. The Back & Ahead Dialogue - Mile 2,189 - Mount Katahdin

Believing in the power of IFS Therapy and intent on bringing IFS healing to everyone, Ray is inviting you to donate to the Foundation for Self leadership in support of his journey, which is one seeking inner harmony and serenity to launch a post-retirement phase of his life.

Please consider pledging your support by completing the form below.

Thank you for your donation on behalf of the Mount-Hike Campaign. We appreciate your support of both Ray and the Foundation. We will contact you once he has completed his trek to let you know your total. Should you have any question, please contact:

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