About the Database

A team of trained volunteers, led by doctoral-level professionals, have completed a comprehensive, judicious review of IFS published resources and have created a vitally needed resource for future IFS researchers, clinicians, and the public. The annotated publications within the database include academic journal articles, books, theses, dissertations, curricula, magazine articles, and other published materials.

Each entry provides information on the document’s applicability to research applications primarily, and secondarily to clinical and educational pursuits. We have extracted the most important elements of each document to assist users in efficiently assessing IFS publication for their own purposes. The database is keyword-searchable; therefore, specific resources are easily identified. Using a systematic process of analyzing the merit of all published IFS documents, the resulting database provides a vehicle for choosing literature that will help create the theoretical and empirical foundation for IFS research and articles.

The Team

This project was led by Jenn Matheson, PhD, and Kristen Myshrall, PhD, who received funding through the Foundation for Self Leadership to launch this project. Together, they developed the procedures for evaluating the publications, wrote an annotation manual, and annotated dozens of articles themselves. They then used the manual to train and supervise a team of volunteers from the IFS community who have continued to annotate new and existing publications to produce a comprehensive database of IFS publications useful to researchers and professionals alike.

While volunteers continue to be added to the team, the original set of annotation project volunteers included:

  • Robbie Richler
  • Laura Taylor
  • Rachel Benoit
  • Colleen Pearson
  • Regina Segura-Khagram
  • Amy Poppel
  • Brooke Evans

We are grateful to our team of annotators and continue to welcome others who wish to be involved in this ongoing project. Please contact Jenn Matheson at research@foundationifs.org to express interest in joining the team.

We are appreciative of the guidance and support on this project from the Foundation for Self Leadership. We are grateful for the expertise of our IT professionals Joshua Lisojo, MS, and Grant Leitheiser, LMFT, who have turned the database into a searchable online resource.